Good Morning

It is a good morning. It’s ten til four. I keep waking up, so I decided to rise and write. The reason for my restlessness is a trip I’m taking. I’m going to San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. It’s where one has to go for anything important. In my case, the doctor.

On a bike ride, a while back, water splashed on my leg, and I suspect a parasite has now taken residence under my skin. Yuk! You never know what’s going to happen here in the wild. So, off to civilization.

It’s a four-hour drive, that can be maddening. We, my husband and myself, will be crossing narrow, winding, mountain roads, behind big trucks, aging, loud tractor trailers, smoking trucks, old farm vehicles on their last leg and slow-moving cars. All the while, dodging occasional cows and meandering pedestrians. Not to mention, simultaneously being passed, by insane little cars that don’t slow down for anything. Double yellow lines are meaningless to them, as well as oncoming traffic. They don’t put this in the travel brochures.

I am carrying my board, as I am going to take this opportunity for a surf trip down south. I’ll have my camera in tow.

During this hiatus from photos on my blog, I have taken a lot of pictures.

Some are good, some aren’t.

My camera is far smarter than I am, but I would like to be more in control. I am very inspired by other photographers.

I wish I had a witty story to tell this morning, but hey, it’s four o’clock.

And all is well.

  • I’ve inserted this related article. It’s by Brian and it has pictures!

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