Review of 2012

IMG_3926nyIMG_5518ny IMG_3974ny IMG_4038ny IMG_5580ny IMG_5523nyEveryone on WordPress is reviewing their year; all of their blogging projects and challenge entries. I didn’t do any of that, this year. It was all I could do, to do what I did. If you know what I mean.

Looking back, I was nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award, but didn’t respond to it, because I didn’t know how. Dwellable contacted me, because they thought my blog would be a good representation of Fernandina Beach, Florida, my home town. But I didn’t know how to transfer the button. And I’m still writing the text on my photos, because I don’t know how to create a watermark. As shabby as it may sound, I still see these as a success.

My main goal, in Secondhand Surfer, has become to capture the best surf memories that I can. I choose this hobby, as opposed to psychotropics.  (In editing, I realize, I should probably let y’all know that I have never used psychotropics.)(Not that I have anything against psychotropics.)(hmmmm…nevermind) My blog, gets me out of the house. It puts me on the beach in the sunshine, in the morning, at sunset, in the wind. It overrides my negative side. My camera introduces me to people. My photography gives my life direction.

The photos above jumped out at me last night, as I browsed my archives. I have thousands of pictures from last year.

I don’t have any favorite surfers or breaks. You could be on the biggest wave of the year or taking off in the white water on your first wave ever, it doesn’t matter to me.

I’ve surfed off and on all of my life. Although I’m an artist, and I have always utilized photography, I never would have chosen to be on the beach, behind a camera, over being in the water.

When I started this blog last year and named it Secondhand Surfer, I had no idea how appropriate it would be. Me and my camera, we SECONDHAND SURF!  My smile is big as anyone’s in the water!.

Thanks to all the surfers, and supportive friends who helped me to have such a great year. And thanks to WordPress for affording me this venue, not only to display my journal and photos, but to read others as well.

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