Featured Family #2

                           I have a friend that swears, this is the happiest man on the planet. I’ve never met anyone happier than Nestor.

He invests in his children’s lives. I heard someone on the radio putting it like this~many father’s don’t want to talk to their children or drive to their events. They make excuses. If they could look at it as if they were engaging in efforts, that would make them a thirty thousand end-of-ear bonus; and that bonus relied on having conversations they didn’t really want to have, and driving to places they really didn’t want to go-we all know most men would do those thing for the money.So, if you treat your children as if they are your greatest investment you will surely reap a treasure of great magnitude.

He treats his wife like the queen of his castle. His enchanted humble abode is 400 square feet. The table for this cake was the washer and dryer. The dryer seconds as a storage bin, so critters won’t be feasting on the weekly staples.

This picture has technical problems, but you can’t out do it, for the expression of love.

Is she straightening his collar? That sure is a funny outfit he had to wear to school.

What are little boys made of?

She’s sugar and spice.

In my life, I am fortunate to have this example of~how to~in the realm of family experience.

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