!I Ride~a ROZO!

I ride a Rozo. On the bottom of my board, pencilled in, is the word TEAM. When I first saw that, I felt as if, I had waited all of my life, for that moment. I felt recognized. I’ve ridden so many waves in my life. I have been in a thousand paddle battles. I’ve had to fight for my waves, and maneuver my path, to place myself at the ocean. I’ve paid my dues.

            At different times in my life surfing was out of my reach ~ but, not anymore.

This picture hangs on the wall in Rozo’s workshop. It’s from a surfing magazine.

He was my role model as a kid, and he is still my role model.

He is a focused and humble man.

This is Tommy, Rozo’s brother. He covers the shaped foam, with fiberglass. This guy is so fast. It was fascinating to watch him work.

Rozo may, or may not, be aware of how he helps to shape people’s lives, as he shapes their boards.

If you do not love your board, and think your shaper is the best in the world, then you’ve probably got the wrong guy.

Surfing is solo, but it feels good to be part of a TEAM.

                                                                                                   Rozo’s Art Work

Thank you ROZO

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