Blocked and Deleted/Yet Another Battle in a War I Thought Was Over

Following a death, engulfed in grief,  people can take on the energy, of an out-of- control fire, behaving erratically and moving in a direction, that creates a veering and unpredictable path. They search for a target to blow their vaporous, hot air of anger. They want to hurt someone. Modern day mourners zero in on their quarry and begin to hurl their bombs. Hate filled words are the ammunition and cell phones are their technological armory. Continue reading Blocked and Deleted/Yet Another Battle in a War I Thought Was Over

Featured Family #4

~Every picture tells a story, story~

I woke up this morning THINKING. I just hate
it when I think so much, so I decided to get up and write.

My husband’s brother, was the first to live in our little slice of nature, Camp Tobacco. When I met his wife, I was amazed. She is a bow hunter. She is a hog hunter, as the picture above exemplifies her success in this endeavor. I was impressed. Not everyone can track down a hog and kill it with a bow and arrow.

I became unimpressed, when I stopped by the house and saw sixteen pit bull dogs in the front yard. Needless to say, I was a bit nervous. She had a three year old child, at the time. I was soon to find out that mama dog had a litter of puppies in the bathroom of the cabin and there was a birthday party planned for her (my husband’s sister-in-law)  daughter. I wonder to this day, who would bring their child to a party where there are sixteen pit bull dogs. Continue reading Featured Family #4