Don’t sign your blogging contract when you’re sleeping.

This is a great blog! I laughed because I related. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Lake Superior Spirit

I can’t imagine not blogging almost every day, can you?

OK, that’s an outright lie.

I can imagine not blogging almost every day.

It almost feels luxurious.  It feels wide-open, limitless, free.  It feels like you’d have time to create wise posts.  You’d sound just like Confucius.  You could edit your posts properly.  You could use gramatically-correct language.  You would use exclamation marks and ellipses and parenthesis sparingly, if at all.

Readers would stop by your blog and nod with amazement, “What a wise blogger!  We should subscribe to her Wise Blog.  Her pearly words of wisdom will tremendously enrich our days, when she chooses to publish.”

You wouldn’t use a double negative in your first sentence.  (Remember Grammar 101?  Do not use a double negative in your first sentence, your last sentence or any sentence in between.  That involves words like “can’t” and  “not” in the same breath.  Miss…

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