Ice Cream Sundayz

This is Rob Ruy, owner of the Pipeline Surfshop, here in Fernandina Beach, on Amelia Island, FL.

He puts a lot of energy into helping the local kids shine in both sports; surfing and skating.
The island is going to have some skating going on! Every Sunday in November, there’s a competition, called ICE CREAM SUNDAYZ. The skate park here is a haven for a lot of young, serious athletes. Shooting this sport is very different. But it’s exciting and fun, so I’ll be there.

Not all surfers are skaters, and visa versa, but I do see some dual participants.

Marco Pacheco, the Costa Rican guide in the Endless Summer, recently said~surfing is to skating like football is to baseball~I believe that to be an accurate appraisal.

Over 55

I’m sitting on a porch in Bradenton, in an over 55 community. It’s sunny and peaceful. It’s just too darn cold on the island, right now. I know! I know! It’s whatever degree up North, but I personally could care less how cold it is up north. Everything is relative and I’m a southerner and when it comes to certain things, like the weather, it’s about ME. OK?

I guess it’s the same for age too. When you’re younger, it might be difficult to recognize the intricacies of this trailer park. It’s been here for about fifty years and the trailers are OLD. But they are all kept up and added on too. It’s colorful and artistic. I wish some folks up in NE Florida would take the hint.

Resting on the porch this morning, I have had a chance to upload surf pictures to my Facebook page. I really enjoyed it.

Here are some of the pics:

Looking at these pics, I am impressed. This spot is tricky. The waves jack up and break over shallow water. I wouldn’t want to surf it. People who don’t surf, don’t really understand the difference of beach breaks, point breaks, ground swells and wind swells, wind direction, cold fronts, low pressures, reefs, where the waves originate, what it takes for them to break, peaks, short boards and long boards. And who is Kelly Slater? According to Lance Armstrong, he’s the world’s greatest athlete. I don’t really have the time to explain all of this important information. I don’t really know all that much anyway.

You only have so much time in life to learn what you want to know.  And the more you know, the more you know that you don’t know.

None of us have a crystal ball to tell the future, but it’s predictable that if you don’t die, you will get older. And you don’t know what older really is til you get there. So no matter where you are on the continuum of life, be in the now.

Don’t worry and be happy.

Deep In Debt

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I’m not! I learned as a very young person, the hard way, to not borrow money. I owned my own home at nineteen. At my sister’s suggestion, I had called a few real estate agents and told them what I was looking for. They all laughed at me. What I wanted was something that I could afford, not what the market trends were. I bought a two bedroom, one bath house in a nice neighborhood, for eleven thousand dollars. I bought the owners loan with three thousand dollars, so I only owed eight thousand dollars and was well into the principal.

That was in 1975.

I enjoyed calling all the agents up and letting them know about my buy.

But I didn’t have patience. I didn’t understand taking it easy and letting things happen over time. I borrowed money for this and that and created stress, that I didn’t know how to deal with. I sold the house, broke even and found myself having to rent. I did not like that! I am a homeowner at heart.

It took me years to be able to buy a home again. I was thirty. And once again, I found an incredible deal. I bought a beach house on Amelia Island for fifty thousand dollars. That was in 1987. Unlike my contemporaries, I never took out an equity loan. OH NO! I had learned my lesson. I never drove a new car. I like style and dependability; it doesn’t have to be new. I feel the same way about everything in my life.

After many years, I sold that home and bought more houses with my profit. I felt like I was splitting my stock. It all just kind of happened.

I’ve done things in a slow and progressive fashion. I have never done anything to impress anyone. Why should I?

A dear friend of mine posted on her Facebook page these words…..Capture the essence of who you are without material trappings…….

That has been a goal, in my life.

It’s not always easy, because of my ego. But then I think of ego as Easing God Out and I let go.

This post was inspired by an interview with Suze Orman, on the Nate Show. She said that she had been on the Oprah Winfrey Show, and there were 150 people in the audience. They were all asked to write down on a piece of paper their debt. The papers were folded, collected and counted. The total was a shocking 20 million dollars. What does that say about people?

Today, I’m extremely grateful for that 1975 financial flop.

If you are in debt and stressed out and want to get free, just know that it can happen. You are not your money and you are not your debt.

Often the things that we think are the worst thing that could happen to us end up being the best.

pura vida…..





Whispering Dan

I want to apologize if you can’t follow my thought process. You wouldn’t be the first. My blog is my journal.

I have no intention of making money with this blog. As a matter of fact, I’ve made more money in my life trying to avoid the rat race. It would seem silly, to be in hot pursuit of money, at this point in my life.

When I ran from Amelia Island, in 2001, I was fleeing from all the sales and marketing BS, the real estate agents and people comparing your status by, which end of the Island you lived on. I thought that I was going to live the life of a hermit and seek God. I was going to separate myself from people and meditate. (and surf, of course)

That didn’t happen. Kind of, but not exactly.

Today, due to circumstances, I am staying on the Island. For the last ten years, I have drifted back and forth, letting life call the shots.

When I’m in the jungle, I’m in the jungle. When I’m on the island, I’m on the island.

And that brings me to telling you about Whispering Dan. Dan was a snow bird who settled here, after retiring from General Foods as a patent attorney. We were unlikely friends. But he enjoyed debates and discussions, about every topic, like myself. So, we started hanging out. He went with me to poetry readings and art shows. He tried to paddle out on a boogy board, one day, but couldn’t make it. He ended up with a bloody nose.

In a way, I was his audience. Yes, I kept up my end of the debates, but he never really listened to me.

When Dan retired he considered himself to be a big success. He had a beachfront condo, a stock portfolio, some money, and a pretty wife to be. He eventually got married, sold his condo at what, he came to believe, was the wrong time and he lost all of his money in the stock market.

That was the end of our friendship. He would not return my calls.

Dan was his money and without his money, he didn’t know what to say.

When Dan lost his money he lost his health and then his breath.

I learned a lot from Whispering Dan.

The most important thing being, I’m glad I’m me.

The Journey

Yesterday was Sunday. My husband, Rooster and I were travelling north on 8th ST, on Amelia Island. He looked at me and said, “No one would have ever thought this”. I asked, “what are you talking about”? He said, “that you and I would be driving on this road, headed to church in our Mercedes”. I said, “come to think of it, no one would have ever pictured this, unless the car was stolen and we were running from the law”.  We got a big laugh out of that………..