Sober Sunday

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Take away the alcohol. Take away the dirty clothes. Take away the loneliness.

And yet, my life is still fragmented; shards of money, property and family. I live in different worlds. The one in my head, the one in my heart and then the moments of time that occur, which are suppose to be the best; problemless, carefree breaths of time. That I will enjoy and smile until I die.

Is Bethlehem still there? How are the Palestinians and the Israelis doing?

I know here, psychotropics still rule. Cancer is atmospheric and the beach is disappearing. ( for me anyway )

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If one could live off of laughter
Today I would be rich
Enjoy it
In August of 2009, I was embroiled in a mediation, with my sisters, involving my mother’s estate. It was hard. It did emotional damage, but I got through it. There were changes made. Changes that keep changing.
At some point during this family battle, I wanted to know the truth!
I e-mailed, “If you care more about me than you do money, write me back.”
I have to laugh.
I got no answer.

Whispering Dan

I want to apologize if you can’t follow my thought process. You wouldn’t be the first. My blog is my journal.

I have no intention of making money with this blog. As a matter of fact, I’ve made more money in my life trying to avoid the rat race. It would seem silly, to be in hot pursuit of money, at this point in my life.

When I ran from Amelia Island, in 2001, I was fleeing from all the sales and marketing BS, the real estate agents and people comparing your status by, which end of the Island you lived on. I thought that I was going to live the life of a hermit and seek God. I was going to separate myself from people and meditate. (and surf, of course)

That didn’t happen. Kind of, but not exactly.

Today, due to circumstances, I am staying on the Island. For the last ten years, I have drifted back and forth, letting life call the shots.

When I’m in the jungle, I’m in the jungle. When I’m on the island, I’m on the island.

And that brings me to telling you about Whispering Dan. Dan was a snow bird who settled here, after retiring from General Foods as a patent attorney. We were unlikely friends. But he enjoyed debates and discussions, about every topic, like myself. So, we started hanging out. He went with me to poetry readings and art shows. He tried to paddle out on a boogy board, one day, but couldn’t make it. He ended up with a bloody nose.

In a way, I was his audience. Yes, I kept up my end of the debates, but he never really listened to me.

When Dan retired he considered himself to be a big success. He had a beachfront condo, a stock portfolio, some money, and a pretty wife to be. He eventually got married, sold his condo at what, he came to believe, was the wrong time and he lost all of his money in the stock market.

That was the end of our friendship. He would not return my calls.

Dan was his money and without his money, he didn’t know what to say.

When Dan lost his money he lost his health and then his breath.

I learned a lot from Whispering Dan.

The most important thing being, I’m glad I’m me.