OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA27 short years ago, today, my life was changed. For thirty-one years, I had tried to get my feet on the ground; tried to make things work. But I failed. I failed miserably.

I couldn’t keep a job. I had constant anxiety, but didn’t know what anxiety was.

For some reason, I was pegged. I lived under a cloud of other people’s words, and other people’s opinions. They were a weight around my neck and I was drowning.

I prayed for help and I got it!

Today, on this anniversary, I  am letting go of the stormy petrels that haunt me. Or maybe, they’ve let go of me. Either way, I’ve paid my dues.

Nobody’s Darling

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve just read Samba to the Sea‘s post, which led me to Dirtbag Darling‘s musings. Both of these women are young blogger, surfer, travelers.

I thought to myself, I’m nobody’s darling, never have been and never will be.