Dark or Dumb

Rich people don’t tell their secrets. That would be dumb. People want to believe that those with money behave in a certain way. It’s only the poor and depraved that rob, molest, rape, maul or are just plain mean spirited.

We know that’s not true, if you can believe anything in the movies. Everything is true except for what is made up. That is the nature of stories.

So, those with a little cash in their pocket don’t want to say that their children are alcoholics and drug addicts. They don’t want to say an overdose was really an overdose. They want the attention to be diverted, to someone far away, who could be doing God knows what. Talk about them in a negative way. Not that boy who was a cowboy hero. He died with his boots on.

She laid in the bed at the Howard Johnson’s Motel. Her ribs were broke. Her eyes were black. They played cards. We bowled.

Believe what you want.

I’ll believe anything these days. Judge Dearborn, the only probate judge in Jacksonville, Florida had no problem with them committing felony fraud, as long as they put the money back.

I bet people who rob minute markets wish they could get that deal. And why shouldn’t they? It should be the new rule. If you get caught pay the money back and everything is ok. If they could do it, why shouldn’t other people.

White collar crime baby.

Dark or dumb?

*an added thought – Judge Dearborn was plain faced and no emotion. Retired Don Wright. Attorney at law laughed about the theft. He said, any normal family would accept it. They gave the money back. Does that mean that Judge Dearborn and Don Wright can be robbed and if the robber is caught they will plainly accept or laugh and smile and say, “no problem,” just give me my money back.

*For some reason, I don’t think so.

Ocean Educated

My mother would drive us out of the swamp, to the ocean once a year. Then in 1966 she bought the beach house. – she kept one hand on an oak tree and the other on a palm – thank you Mama – Now I get to pass it on. It’s not for everybody. Thank God ~

Content – Content

I don’t even know what a markdown is, but there was a reference to premium content. This is premium life information. Isn’t it odd that content and content is the same and different word. Opposites. Content is marketed to YOU to stimulate interest in something that you don’t need and will create dis-content. Effective they say.

I’m no C.S. Lewis. But he did say envy is the path to hell. Think about it.

  • The last two comments concerning content, I wanted to Bold but couldn’t, because the first is a market content. Which I would have to subscribe and pay for. Presumably to try and make money.
  • The second was I wanted to italicize, which I couldn’t because it was a content Markdown.
  • I really enjoyed the origin of the word – from Mid-Evil Latin – to contain


Forgotten/Not Forgotten

I keep journals. Note books I use them to help me find peace and sort my life out. Thoughts on friends and finances.

I make changes in my life. However, I have the tendency to repeat. When writing things down, it becomes obvious.

The photo on the left is of my friend Connie. She was loved by many people. I had written about being with her when she passed, 2015. In the photo, we were at the funeral of Rachael Sutton. (She initiated Starting Point – you know it or you don’t.)

Connie passed with lung cancer.

As she was dying, she told me stories of her life. They were great stories. She didn’t want anyone to know. They were antics of her mother, Hazel. Poor Hazel.

I never knew Hazel, but I admired her in a way that Connie couldn’t. She wasn’t my mother.