The Internal Dialogue


I am a person who naturally challenges myself I am competitive. Anything that I venture into, I want to exceed. 

In any endeavor, I have the beginning. The fascination with the art or the music, the travel, the house, the garden, the photography; whatever is in front of me. Then there is the dream of the achievement. Then there is the middle. The work.

That is where I use to have my problem. I’ve learned along the way,  to take it as it comes.   To enjoy the process. I can get lost, playing scales on my guitar, or mixing colors on my palette. I’ve been many places, one trip was driving from my house in Florida, to my house in Costa Rica. (6000 miles, 40 days and 3 thousand dollars = equals an abundance of memories). I have four gardens in two countries. I enjoy the shade of mangos and oaks. My photography, that started out with a camera, shooting surfers in a hurricane, has turned into family portraits, weddings, sports and in the water shots, along with video snips that are an adventure, on their own. And I am not at the end of the road, on any of these personal challenges.

Now, I have added a new entertainment for myself. Cross Fit!

I’m saying all of this for a reason.

Example ~ Dirt bikes were the rage in the seventies. I wanted to get on that bike and ride and ride. I could see myself on the track racing. I told my husband about my interest and he said, ” What makes you think you can do that?” “Those guys out there have been doing that since they were three or four years old?”

That just crushed me. I wasn’t unfamiliar with motorcycles. Why couldn’t I just give it a go.

This was the constant type of comments I would get from my family, my entire life! 

To be able to achieve. I had to recover from their avalanche of negativity. And trust me, it was the first and heaviest weight, on my shoulders, that I had to lift and toss. That was a serious part of my life’s training. I had to create an internal dialogue, for myself. And that I could be good at them. And that I could be a winner. I even had myself hypnotized to run faster. (It worked!) I had to work, to drown out the chorus of negativity, that lies in my subconscious and surfaces when I am in the most vulnerable spots of my life.

And this is the reason for this post.

The other day was a bumpy one; life on life’s terms. And as I laid my head on my pillow, I could hear the voices of my CrossFit friends saying, “You’ve got this, Miss Cheri. You can do it.” They were a choir of encouragement. It dawned on me how powerful that is.

Cross Fit has been the most challenging and positive influence, in my entire life. 

Where will I go from here.

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