You’re Going to Die!!!!!!!!!

Yes and No

We are born, to soon learn, that we are going to die.

I really don’t know about other people’s inner lives. Communication has a way of drifting. It’s ethereal. And yet, it’s can be heavy, as a tombstone. An albatross. A spirit of unrelenting fear. Or, it can be as equally uplifting as a hot air balloon. Raising you above, to elevate you, and present a wide angle view. A unique and exhilarating vista.

I have experienced both.

I am a part of humanity. I accept it. I surrender. I give in.

But when other people share with me their optical illusion of life, such as;

  • Don’t climb that tree, you will fall out and get hurt
  • Don’t ride that motorcycle, you will get killed
  • You don’t want to go to New York, it’s dangerous
  • Don’t go to Nicaragua
  • Don’t go to the downtown San Jose market, you can’t handle it
  • You can’t surf the waves in Costa Rica, they’re too big for you
  • Going to college is a waste of time and money
  • When are you going to find a man, to take care of you
  • I wouldn’t wear that
  • Dreads are nasty
  • Every one in that neighborhood is on drugs
  • Crossfit will give you a heart attack

It’s an ongoing barrage of words, intended to keep you safe.

Then there is other safe speak, that catches your ear;

  • If you can’t climb, keep trying. It will make you strong
  • Get to know your bike
  • When you walk in New York, don’t always be looking up
  • Nicaragua can be dangerous
  • If you miss the market in San Jose, you will miss an opportunity of experiencing the culture. But beware.
  • Charge girl, you might get worked, but you can do it!
  • There will be the perfect man for you, when the time is right
  • Wear what makes you feel good and what you are comfortable in, and you might consider dressing appropriately, at times
  • Dreads are badass
  • That neighborhood is the sweet spot
  • Crossfit will enhance your life – no matter who you are – how big or little you are – or what injuries you have had. Motion is lotion.

It goes on and on.

I personally enjoy my freedom. And how things are these days, are nothing new, just jacked up and different. You have to apply yourself, to be free. As the yogis sat for theirs. No one can live your life for you. It’s all about your personal choices. Jump out of that plane, or not. Put that parachute on, or not.

I feel good in knowing that when I do reach my expiration date, I will have lived a full life. One of adventure and fun and pain and struggles.

Give it all you’ve got – or not.

Listen to me.


One thought on “You’re Going to Die!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Thoughtful life perspectives are inspiring.
    Thank you for your kind time and consideration.
    warmest regards, Peace, Love & Harmony


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