I Shoot People Too ~ 4

This is my fourth set, of ten portraits. I started this photos series to help me get through my last days here in Florida. I will be going back to Costa Rica soon. I still have work to do~loose ends to tie, and then I will be CR bound. I can’t wait really. I try not to let myself feel the enthusiasm. I try to be here when I’m here, and not even think about there.

I went to a party last night at Tiger Point Marina on Amelia Island. What a scenic spot on the planet. The setting was perfect. The band and the people would have made great subjects. I took my camera, but wasn’t feeling it. I was reminded of just how much I don’t know about photography. There was a professional there and I got to ask questions. When I woke up this morning I knew I should have asked more.

I chit chatted ~ which in a previous post, I mentioned I have a hard time doing. But I was in my element there. I’ve been on the island for a long time. I know it’s history. I’m bound to the island.

 ~ Everybody let’s party party – Everybody let’s party party~

When I look at this series of photos, I know that it’s sharing a moment. I also know that each person has a story. I never go into great length about anything in my posts. I want to share photos more than words.

But I will tell you, that these last days here with my family, are not easy. Nothing is ever easy with my family.

In 1958, my family lived on Carder Street, in a nondescript brick home in nondescript neighborhood. I would stand in the front yard, screaming ((JANE)). Sometims she came out and sometimes she didn’t. I have no idea what she looked like. I can’t remember her at all. I can only remember the screaming and her mother telling me to stop doing that.

I wish I had my camera back then. My life would have been different. I would have been better.

Beautiful people ~ I see.

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