I Shoot People Too-2

I Shoot People Too~is a series of 100 photos that I pulled out of my library. I took them over the past two years, in three different countries, the U.S., Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. This picture was taken in the Oriental Market in Managua; one of the hardest and most dangerous places that I have ever visited. I had to get a picture of this plumbing vendor. She looks innocent enough, but I bet she has a knife hidden in that apron. Other than that, the real reason I like this photo is; I look at her and she looks at me, neverending.  These accumulated portraits are just another aspect of photography that I love and need.

Recently in WordPress, I stumbled onto a page titled I Shoot People, by a professional photographer. I aspire to, but have no real expectations of achieving that level of skill with my camera. But who knows? He also had some words of inspiration to those that wanted to be photographers and I agree with him. You don’t have to have the best camera, just do it! The results might surprise you.

So, I share with you more of My People

I count my lucky stars~~I see people beautiful.

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