On the Road Again

I’m glad I had a day to surf ~ Following that day, I hit the road again. Last night I stayed with friends, Connie and The Man, in Charleston, South Carolina. Their home is a house in it’s own small forest, in the middle of a suburb. When I woke up to get my coffee, I heard what sounded like the rushing noise of fast, moving water. It was cars on the freeway. I couldn’t tell the difference.

The Man collects metal. I have always been drawn to metal. I married a welder.

When I studied massage therapy, all of the other students wanted a wooden table, but I insisted on an ultra-lite. It’s made of a super-lite, metallic alloy, originally created to make a special, flight vehicle.

To make a long story short-the element of air, affects the metal and creates rust. The rust is a reminder of the air;  our breath and our spirit. To me it is inspirational, it fascinates me and always has.

The rust on these bikes, hint at the spirit of the riders, the roads and the miles. I breath and I am “inspired”.

~On the Road Again~

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