Como las Vacas

Live Like the Cows

This is one of my favorite paintings. It’s on the wall at the foot of my bed. Como las vacas ~ which means ~ to live like the cows.

This can be good advice for living in Costa Rica, or anywhere for that matter. Have you ever watched a cow?

We don’t expect waves until February third….. I haven’t seen it flat for this long, in a few years.

2 thoughts on “Como las Vacas”

  1. Always In Awe Of Your Work! Your Paintings Are Like Windows To Every Road Less Traveled And Every Heart Healed With Hope….Your Simplicity Is Complicated To Those Who Take Life For Granted…By Finding Your Place In Time Your Brought Peace,Faith ,Hope And Love To A 3rd World Country That Only Knew Fear And Desperation And You Guided Me In The Right Direction To Help And Bring Home Someone Very Dear To Me! Love You, Mary Ann


    1. Mary Ann…..I’m thinking about bringing Peace, Faith, Hope and Love to a 3rd world country…..that’s heavy…….I love your new gig…awesome….you look like you are having so much fun..Thanks for the kind words in your comment…..glad you liked the painting!


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