Turtle Time

A slow and steady progress has always worked best for me. Desiring results in an instant was an earlier downfall in life. I had to learn to be happy in the day. The overall picture takes time.

I am nursing a sore area, in my lumbar. I will call it a soft tissue injury. I went to see my chiropractor yesterday afternoon. That was my third visit, since I felt the pull nine days ago. I will get a massage today.

Not that I would ever want an injury, however, they do happen.

Mentally, I’ve adjusted. Now it takes time.

What would a turtle do?turtle

OxyContin for Surfers

I don’t think so!

I had a thought, for a post. One that I am passionate about. It concerned health and healing. As I was writing, in another room, the newscasters were droning on. It caught my attention. Once again, they were talking about Facebook and Blogging, and how no privacy exists today. The government flags certain blogs, because of language. Buzz words. Government is probably one of the buzzers. Who knows? That thought inhibits me.My original idea was; the use of drugs goes against the concept of  FREE SPIRIT.  A soul surfer would never want drugs!