Be Saved From the Beautiful Lies


I haven’t posted for a while, and don’t plan to post anymore. I wanted to wind Fish Eye Farm, up with witty and philosophical words. Ones that would celebrate my life and my recovery. I was 31 when I found a 12 step program and that was 31 years ago.

My family has been so outrageously dysfunctional lately, that I chose to just let it go, and take things day by day. ( a “secret to my happiness”, which I will call success.)

I stumbled onto this video. At a moment when I felt so down, I watched it and it gave me the second wind that I need.

I didn’t ask his permission formally to share this, so I hope he doesn’t mind.

I am going to put that on my never ending list of things to do.

I think his information is important. It’s about family dynamics. The bull shit beautiful lies that are told to you as you grow up. That their behavior, the people that are caring for you, is all for you own good.  It can be perpetual, until you become aware.

I value his manner of presentation, straight up and to the point; stating facts, without harsh blame.

If you are a chosen scapegoat, and you have survived, good for you.

I first wrote this blog, to help me to cope with my mother’s death, the shock of the abandonment by my two oldest sisters, and the fact that my daughter chose to be with my oldest sister.

We are a product of our choices!

I cannot move forward without saying good-bye, and letting my family members who might be interested in talking to me that I am at the same phone number that I have had for twenty years.

Good Bye ~