IMG_5829the name of our local surf shop

The ocean holds treasures, as well as dangers. We who live on the island, all know that. Hurricane Irma is Ā projected, three days away from us.

I have decided to not leave. It’s not because I am cavalier and don’t believe that the force of the wind and water, can be life threatening, but so is the evacuation.

I had to make a choice.

Florida is over populated.

I think of all of the people who have lived here, from the time of the Timuquans. What did they do?

Small Town Surfers

Wow-I woke up this morning to a bully on Facebook.

David Von Schude is a made-up character, who posts advertisements, for a local surf shop, Driftwood, and attacks other people’s Facebook pages. I added this person, initially, thinking it was someone else. Then later found out about David’s petty, pugilistic antics. I should have blocked them then, but I didn’t. I really didn’t give it any thought.

When people behave like this they are usually full of fear and insecure.

I don’t live in their world.

I’ll take a slice of peace, please.

David von Schude is a mama’s boy.