Touring Tennessee

Rooster thought that it was a bit nippy here in the Volunteer State of Tennessee.

This is Jimmy on a suspension bridge in the foothills of the Smokey Mnts.

An old church in the historical settlement of Cade Cove. The dogwoods are in bloom.

Rooster played for us.

Then he preached to us.

We passed this old home on the way out of the Cove. I’m wrapped in a blanket now inside a modern home. It’s hard to imagine settlers, surviving the cold winters here in the early pioneer days.

The River

Jimmy, enjoying the Smokies.

This is Miss Whitney, who had to evacuate Costa Rica because she ran out of her make-up.

Me and the Roo, way out of our element, but enjoying ourselves.

Back to the Jimmy and Whitney’s version of the Beach.

At the moment we are huddled in blankets watching Medea, drinking coffee and laughing. Life is good and I am grateful.