No Control

I am a child of the sixties. I have memories.

I was getting on the school bus, when I was told President Kennedy had been shot. I was climbing those three, tall steps, covered with black, rubber matt, when Miss Brubaker, the driver, was telling us about it. I had the awareness that this was news of consequence. I watched her from my green, vinyl seat, trying to comprehend the meaning of it all. Everything looked the same; the green grass, the outdoor basketball park, the low, white buildings that were our classrooms. On such a dark day the sun was shining bright.

I was told by my teacher, that I must watch the funeral. It was history. Continue reading No Control

Mal Pais

ScannedImage_170643 My first trip to Costa Rica!

It was intense. There were so much to figure out. I had planned this trip for a year. As I prepared, running hundreds of miles, in flat Florida; I was told by everyone that I was going to get killed. Either by the waves, or a knife wielding native. I disregarded the negative vibe.

I stepped into the unknown. And on this adventure I met, the positive surfer, Samantha Seyda, at the Mal Pais surf camp. She too is from North Florida. The side-kick above, her daughter, was her traveling companion.

It’s all a long story, but what’s important for this post, is that Sam, took me under her wing and showed me where to paddle out, in the channel. There was a big swell that trip. Continue reading Mal Pais

Real Photographer?

10661717_653826504730895_3842677399764929265_oCan you tell us where you stand, on the debate, concerning the “real photographer”?

“I’d have to say, that is usually in the hot sun’.

This was a sticky page.

As administrator of this blog, I have tagged this page to make it my cover, until I decide to change it. I maintain a minimalist presence. My – who am I – and who I am not – was written in the embryonic stage, of this venture. It gives you a synapses synopsis, of Secondhand Surfer ~ unburdened by detail. That is the nature of this journal. It is the “essence” of.

My posts are photos and poems, opinions and confessions. At times I am cryptic, while at others, embarrassingly revealing.

The unexamined life is not worth living.

After thirteen years studying and pursuing a spiritual life, I chose to move beyond what I knew. I decided to Let Go, and leap forward into the unknown. I crossed the threshold of my front door, and began to navigate life, blindfold. Many years later, one day at a time, I continue surrendering to Providence. Continue reading Real Photographer?