Travel Dangers

We hear about them all of the time. The most recent being, don’t go to Mexico, because they might serve you poisonous alcohol.

I have two large maps on my wall, facing me now. One is a world map. The other is of the United States. I like to be geographically aware. Whether I’m reading a story or listening to the state of world politics on the television, I like to see the placement of countries. Do you have any idea how big Russia is? Continue reading Travel Dangers

Do I Want More Traffic?

IMG_4690Word Press inquires, do I want more traffic? My answer to them is no. There is plenty of hustle and bustle in the world, and my blog is off the beaten path.

I am a like a “broken record”, an antiquated term from age, old technology.

I’m busy seeking serenity. You can find it deep in your heart and under the nearest shade tree.

Find it now, or find it later.



Motor Boat Motor Boat – Go So Slow

Fishing FourMotor boat, motor boat, go so slow. Motor boat, motor boat, go so fast. Motor boat, motor boat, step on the gas.

Does anyone else remember this children’s nursery rhyme. Once you said, run so fast, you would take off running. I look around at people and they seem to be running hard to go nowhere. I prefer to take it easy.

The waves are always going to be rolling in. You never know about people.

It’s a matter of value, and I know where I stand; straight in the middle and to the right of the red bass.

I’m keeping my priorities straight.