What’s Next?

DSCN0753My interpersonal relationships play themselves out, in repeated fashion.

Therefore, I ask, “What’s the big deal?”

Define family:

For me, an ill-defined problem –

not clear what the question really is
not clear how to arrive at a solution
no idea what the solution looks like
An example of an ill-defined problem is “what is the essence of happiness?” The skills needed to solve this type of problem are the ability to reason and draw inferences, metacognition, and epistemic monitoring.-from Wikipedia-Thinking out of the Box

I have to admit to myself, the facts of my life. OK, I can do that. Again.

I have accumulated years of experience, in this endeavor. However, being a hyper-vigilant family monitor, I still lapse into the unproductive state of “dreamer”. Creating worlds of happiness and love; illusionary images in my mind, based on my desire to be loved.

Drawing inferences – repeated, clone like episodes – You hope for a change, but it doesn’t occur. 

Metacognition –  noun – Psychological awareness and understanding of one’s own thought processes.- I’ve got that!

Epistemic monitoring – affirmation through study – Continual inventory. The unexamined life is not worth living.

Armed with questions, and solutions, siblings and offspring – I revert to the textbook question of happiness. For me this is a simple question and the easiest to solve.

Let go, Let God + Stay in the Now = the essence of happiness.

Family is ill-defined ~ Happiness is clear as a bell!


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