New Day/New Wave

IMG_7542-612x415911 Surf Report

I woke up this morning with much rattling in my head. Dr. Phil‘s in there. I watched part of a show about teenage girls with bad attitudes. One interview with a girl named Amanda stopped me in my tracks. I normally never watch Dr. Phil. She was angry, violent and out of control. hmm..sounded familiar….what impressed me was the way Dr. Phil perceived her situation. Of course, she was angry. Of course, she was volatile and ready to swing. Where was he when I needed him.

I so related to that girl. I use to get in trouble for the way I looked at people.

Anyway, it went on that she went off to a horse ranch called Aspen Turn-About Ranch. She was  open to getting help.

I went to my computer checked my Facebook and thought I would check out 911-the Jax Beach Surf Report. I think there should be good waves today.

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