I Shoot People Too ~ 3

I use to have a fear of people. It came from the early years of my life. Even though my parents had money;  they could provide a roof over our head and drove beautiful cars, inside our house, it was not safe. From the earliest years of my life that I can remember, which is two years old, I was always alone and always afraid. I was in the dark a lot.

All of that’s changed now. I’m not two anymore and I can take care of myself. I’m not scared of life or people. It took some work but that’s OK. To put it simplistically, ART was my healer.

Photography is art. It’s about light. It brings me out into the light. And it brings me around people. I remember when I took the photo above. It was one of my first, working for Que Magazine.

Some people don’t like the camera. It scares them and it shows in the photo. If people only knew how beautiful and valuable they are, they wouldn’t hide, they would pose, they would laugh and they would smile and jump and dance.

Art and People~A Winning Combination

I see~people~beautiful.