Equatorial Role Reversal


Sitting by the bedside – my office – talking to the Amazon representative in the Philippines, trying to get my Kindle registered, I am once again reflecting, on the changes, occurring in these tech times ….upon my arrival in the tropics, I did not have hot water, there were no road signs, few cars and ox carts and ferries were the norm. Electricity was sporadic, and dirt floors were common.

Now, we have too many signs, gas stations, a plethora of grocery stores to choose from, ATM’s, and the hot water, that now I know, I need daily for my mental well being. Cold water showers are brutal, and just wrong! Continue reading Equatorial Role Reversal

Walk Don’t Run Thru Costa Rica

IMG_1914mmWhat does a surfer or adventurer really need in Costa Rica?IMG_1851~ I was always more interested in the nature ~IMG_1854 ~ a simple cheap place to lay my head ~IMG_1919~ a nice place to drink my cafe con leche ~IMG_1867~ and a safe place to meditate ~

I once overheard a local, Fernandina Beach surfer, Eric Hatton say, “If you have a roof and a hose, you have living space in Costa Rica.” His words changed my life!

* Having spent a lot of time in Costa Rica, I know how important it is to have water running through the hose.

* It’s best to experience Costa Rica as cheap and as slow as you can.

*The sunsets are FREE!


The Whakaari

The Whakaari, the sailing vessel of a Kiwi, named Craig, was stranded at the Boca de Rio, Playa Avellanas. It was a great diversion through the month of October, the hardest of the rains here.

All speculated, and had their opinion of details involved. How could this happen? Wasn’t he lucky, being so unlucky. He beached precariously, between reefs.

I was impressed with the Captain’s demeanor. He never showed signs of stress or anger. He always had a smile and friendly words.

I know he has to leave us.

He’s just beginning on his, around the world adventure.

He will be missed.