Featured Family #3

No Prom Queen I have this picture in my mind ~ as I lay in my bed of comfort. Like a soldier-years gone by-the war is over.

Having flashbacks.

What happened to Vietnam? Where are all of the naked babies, covered in flies?

Where are the dead bodies, scattered, limbs askew?

Where are the exploding buildings, silent, in flames?

Did Saigon fall hard like a rock into a pool of charm and drift like an empty raft on to a shore of safety?

Or did it run away in Nikes?

I see two visions~no, three~no two~

Beer and marijuana-Hair of the dog

Shaklee vitamins-Dreams of School



Thank You Mama

       Snapping peas in harmony

long rows of squash

walking lines of berries and straw

life was good

Growing balanced watermelons

under the waves of clothes

they baked dry in the sun

life was good

Now I have an orchard

I reap and I sow

here a while~there a while

life is good


No Fear


I took this picture in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico a few years back. I thought this little boy was absolutely beautiful. He had a sweet aura ~ for all I know he could be the devil’s child ~

We look at people and we never really know.

I had gotten on the bus with the locals, that worked at the hotel. We rode to the top of the hill, outside the gates of whatever resort it was, I was staying at. The higher the bus climbed, the more bleak and less color there was. I didn’t get a picture, but I remember the brilliance of a rooster, against the grey nothingness that were the hovels, these people call home.

I also remember how, when we got to the top of the hill, I was the only person left on the bus. I felt a tinge of panic. I knew I was in a place that few gringos venture. I told myself to relax. I was there ~ what could I do.

It is my practice, to walk in faith, not fear.

God tells us in scripture that he did not give us fear.

Picture a world where there is no “fear of people”.

It looks like heaven to me.