Step 7

Step Seven was a life changing experience for me. I sat on the beach and felt the presence of God. It was a turning point!

I asked for help and I got it. It was a moment in my life that I never want to forget.

Step Seven

Step 6

By the time we get to Step Six, we know that IT IS NOT THEM. We are armed with information about ourselves. We have a list of our glaring defects. We admit to ourselves that we cannot change everyone else, only ourselves. This is considered to be a turning point step.

Step Six

Step 5

 “You are as sick as your secrets”.

In humanity, we are shockingly more alike than we realize. There are things that lurk beneath the surface.


Yet, mores encourage us to protect the secrets that hurt us.

I’m not promoting any Jerry Springer type exhibitions. However, I am convinced that confession is good for the soul.

A confession to God, yourself and another human being~

Step Five

Step 4

In taking our personal inventory we look at ourselves. There’s a saying, “You don’t get to heaven, confessing someone else’s sins.” So, we examine our lives, that otherwise, would not be worth living; or, so they say.

If you have a hard time taking a personal inventory, you can jump-start things, by choosing someone who really annoys you. Write down everything about that person that disturbs you, then write your name at the top of the page.

Step Four

Train Wreck

At one time, my life was train wreck. It was hard for me to recognize it. I know that sounds impossible. How can one not notice a thing like that?

Chem albumcvr trainwreck

I spent all of my time blaming others and being a victim. I cultivated that garden, until I couldn’t hold the hoe any longer.

I collapsed, gave up, gave in and from then on my life got better.

Self-will is a killer.