A Skater Is

A Skater is an anti-hero.

I was born into an Irish Catholic Klan.A Skater is independent

The weave of the Klan unravels.A Skater is familiar with pain.

My heart bleeds with laughter.A skater is part of the street.

I come and go as I please.

A skater is free.

“Freedom is being able to say what’s in your head.”

Blogging as Art

Part of being a blogger is reading other people’s blogs. It reminds me of when I did art shows. I attended other artist‘s openings. Who would want to be an artist, that only went to their own show?

I always knew that I was an artist…..long before I knew how to draw or paint.

It’s something inherent in me.

People are provoked by art and creativity, but they also seem to shy away from it. It’s portrayed as being frivolous, yet we’re surrounded by it on every level of our lives. That’s ironic.

I am reminded of the movie Castaway.

Cover of "Cast Away (Widescreen Edition)&...

I love to use this as an example of the importance of art in our lives. Tom Hanks, playing the part of a Fed Ex type, upper manager, is in a company plane crash and stranded on a deserted island. Up until that moment in his life, everything hinged on speed. Continue reading Blogging as Art