Streetz Sundayz +

Miles Holland

Ramonn Micciche

Miles Holland took an outstanding 2nd place in the~over the trash can jump~with Ramonn Micciche taking 1st. You had to LAND the jump to make the win.

Skaters are tough-the bigger the strawberry the bigger the smile!

Next Sunday should be interesting.

Sandy Day Afternoon

 Bailey Riggan

This photo was taken from the Fernandina Beach Pier. It was the Sunday afternoon, during Hurricane Sandy. Bailey is one of my favorite groms-a grom being a kid surfer.

I am transitioning into a new process of how I handle my photos. It’s a lot of work and I am diligently teaching myself new software.

I dont’ know how much Island time I have ahead of me. But while I’m here I will be making the most of it.

It’s easy for me to stay out of the water and do my photography here. It’s too cold for me. My wetsuit went into retirement a long, long time ago.

I guess ALL of this is just the natural order of things.

Go Bailey!

Ice Cream Sundayz

This is Rob Ruy, owner of the Pipeline Surfshop, here in Fernandina Beach, on Amelia Island, FL.

He puts a lot of energy into helping the local kids shine in both sports; surfing and skating.
The island is going to have some skating going on! Every Sunday in November, there’s a competition, called ICE CREAM SUNDAYZ. The skate park here is a haven for a lot of young, serious athletes. Shooting this sport is very different. But it’s exciting and fun, so I’ll be there.

Not all surfers are skaters, and visa versa, but I do see some dual participants.

Marco Pacheco, the Costa Rican guide in the Endless Summer, recently said~surfing is to skating like football is to baseball~I believe that to be an accurate appraisal.

Backtracking Sandy~4

This is an example of Day 3 of Hurricane Sandy, here on the island.The entire day looked like this. It was a good day for drinking coffee.The next morning, Rooster and I headed out, after watching the weather, to circle Main Beach ~ the end of the road that crosses the island. We were going to get coffee and cruise around ~ our favorite, island past-time. I was shocked to see two surfers passing by at a high rate of speed. I dashed to the house for my camera, vowing never to be without it AGAIN! I caught up with them at the Log Cabin. Locals will know where that is. All surfbreaks have names.Nice bottom turn.Exciting take-off.

There’s that nice wipe-out I was talking about.

Sandy’s gone~but the photos I have just go, on and on.

4 Gage


I surfed this morning at the Fernandina Beach Pier. I had all I could take. I came home threw my camera in the car and headed to the North end of the beach. I stumbled on to an East Coast Surfing contest. I had a good time taking photos.

When this grom took off I knew it was going to be good. Good wave Gage.

I will be busy editing and I will post my other photos soon.