Backtracking Sandy~4

This is an example of Day 3 of Hurricane Sandy, here on the island.The entire day looked like this. It was a good day for drinking coffee.The next morning, Rooster and I headed out, after watching the weather, to circle Main Beach ~ the end of the road that crosses the island. We were going to get coffee and cruise around ~ our favorite, island past-time. I was shocked to see two surfers passing by at a high rate of speed. I dashed to the house for my camera, vowing never to be without it AGAIN! I caught up with them at the Log Cabin. Locals will know where that is. All surfbreaks have names.Nice bottom turn.Exciting take-off.

There’s that nice wipe-out I was talking about.

Sandy’s gone~but the photos I have just go, on and on.

Backtracking Sandy ~ 3

This photo is from Sandy ~ Day 5.

The surfer is Angela, a local, science teacher and life guard, who brought her South California surfing skills, to our humble island.

It’s a bit tragic, that what brought us these savory, brown waves, has been devastating up the coast. Anyone that lives near the ocean knows the threat.

It’s wise to respect mother nature.

Backtracking Sandy 1

This is an example of the waves that can get kicked up in a storm, here on our island.When you see pics like this~you’re first thought might be ~ he’s never gonna make that!And then he does ~ This guy can surf!

And then there’s this surfer.This picture was taken on the same day.He had been very selective~choosing one of the less threatening waves.Nice~WIPEOUT!

This surfer is Josh Pinkin.

 The west wind was blowing him back off  the wave. He was being very cautious. The other surfers and people on the beach had concern. Inside, I was cheering him on. Right now, I had the thought of the ONE wave I rode at Puerto Escondido, Mexico. I could see people on the beach getting out of their chairs and pointing at me. I was an old lady, back then fifteen years ago. Anyway, I made it, he didn’t. There comes a time that every surfer has to step up.

He did and he was obviously happy about it, wipe-out and all.

Zack Miller

Zack Miller

Yesterday, I grabbed my camera and headed to the Spot. There were four surfers out and I enjoyed takings pics. I would never even consider paddling out in windy waves like that; not anymore.

Hurricane Sandy is headed our way here in Fernandina Beach, FL.