66 – Meaningless Opinions

I was told that my blog is shitty. Well, what do you expect from the daughter of a plumber. The first woman to hold a master’s plumbing license in the State of Florida. Whose mother owned the largest non union mechanical contracting company in Jacksonville. It’s only natural that someone would think it is shitty. (This is my current identity crisis, scream.)

It really bothered me.

I am an artist. And if this was paint and not words, my reaction would have been different. After having stood years of critiques in my training.

This really bothered me.

I do weigh people’s comments. But I draw the line. An artist has to. Otherwise you would not be allowed to call yourself one.

When I studied at UNF people painted to please their professor.

Louise Brown would not allow blue paint to be used. Also, there was a ban on bright colors.


Julie would have had a hard time with this censorship.

I am going to re-aquaint myself with my blog. My friend that has saved my life.

If you find my writing shitty. You must believe it is.

Flannery O’conner called Virginia Wolf a nut. –Flannery just didn’t get Virginia.–It’s not your fault when you just don’t know.

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