DxO One

The interchange of technology has no terminal velocity. It continually accelerates. Which is wonderful if you have cavernous pockets. Or your spending habits have no boundaries. Or you happen to be one of those photographers that the manufacturers/sales and marketers give the cameras to, to entice others to purchase their newest, latest and greatest camera or gadget.Dx

I am fascinated by the continuously, new direction of photography. (and all things tech)

However, I can’t keep up. I create at my pace. I chase the turtle.

I learned years ago to window shop. It’s free.

My creativity is not limited by equipment; only my imagination and energy.

My viewpoint is One with the Universe. It took me over sixty years to arrive at this outlook.

And I am sure there will be new scenery around the bend. You can even stand in one place, and the skyline, neighborhood, fashion, markets, horses, no horses, cows, no cows, cars, big, little, it all changes.

And I will always be taking pics, with the best camera. The one I have in my hand.

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2 thoughts on “DxO One”

  1. Interesting and exciting technology continues to evolve.
    You are an ideal individual employ its possibilities.
    Thank you for your kind time and consideration.
    ~ Peace, Love & Harmony


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